I am a Yid. I like to rock. Veitur!

- [ Monday, March 22, 2004 ] -
A Band for All Ages
Last night, unbeknownst to many, was an ev├źn sh'siyah (one of my Jewish rock bands) concert. It was an annual concert for a traditional shul in West Rogers Park. The usual fare for this shul's concerts is an opera singer, or, as I was told, some old violin player. The membership for this shul has a very high median age. I didn't really 'get' why we were doing this concert. But they wanted to pay us, so I was as game as anyone else.

The room was set up to seat about 250, and it was at least 90% full. There were plenty of septuagenarians there, but there was also a fairly large constituency from the mechitzah minyan that was significantly younger. They all came to have a good time, and they loved every second of it. They loved the music and all the corny between-song banter. They just ate it up.

Also, I would like to say, that almost every single audience member returned for the second set. Normally, at any concert on a school/work night, people tend to leave if given the opportunity. The concert started at 7 pm. Almost everybody returned after the ten minute break for a second 75 minute set.

I saw one of the most beautiful things in my life. Starting from the first song, there was a little old lady who was hippy-dancing in the back. She was doing some twirls and waving her hands around. Of course, it was done very slowly. She took some breaks every now and then, but more often than not, she was up in the back of the room on her own little planet, dancing away in ecstasy. I was truly touched. Kol hakavod! Ad me'ah v'esrim!

Update: I forgot to mention, look for this concert to be on the always entertaining, local cable-access phenomenon, "Taped with Rabbi D." (You know who I'm talking about.) Hopefully, the show will also include amusing portions of our group interview. (I thought it was a very small room to interview a very large band.) The show in general, is something that must be seen to be believed. I'm sure this episode will not disappoint.

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