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- [ Thursday, February 05, 2004 ] -
Steve Saccone can kiss my ass.
The recordings are old, but the messages still feel fresh. Here is a transcription of two great voice-mails left for me by my old landlord after a normal Friday night farbrengen at Anshe Oakley/Electric Oakleyland.
Home - 7/20/2002 9:30 am
Uh Zev, this is Steve Saccone. It's 9:30 mMon..uh..Saturday morning. Ya had a chanting, uh some kind of Jewish chanting party over there last night...uh from past midnight. Um, I can guarantee you, do it again Zev, have your...have your Jewish friends over, and do your...do your fucked up chant and I'm going to have you arrested. Alright? Because the police are gonna be there next time, Zev.
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Work - 7/20/2002 same time.
Yeah Zev, I left you a message at home, this one's at work. Steve Saccone, regarding your... uh... chanting parties that you're having in the apartment over there? Have another one because I'm gonna have the paddywagon over there and I'm gonna have you guys arrested. I had the neighbor on my machine last night at midnight with the noise that was go... comin' out of your apartment. So why don't you have another one of your parties, we're going to have you all arrested over there. Okay? And then one of your people that was in your party threw up over the side of the porch onto their property, too. So that, that's really nice, Zev. Why don't you give me a call, so I can talk with you, okay? [773]685-6060.
As an additional note, I was the one that threw up. And for the record, I came right back inside to continue singing and pounding the table.

A pig l'shem shamayim is still a pig

That's okay. I'm sure his reaction was fair.

No crimes were committed.

The landlord didn't live there and the police had come and gone that night without incident.

I feel no remorse.

Chag Kasher v'Smeach and a Gut Shabbes!

the audio link is down, not working. let me know when it works please.

bfly at todomundo.com

Hi My name is Steven Saccone
and I would like you to please change this address maybe.

Thank you

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