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- [ Friday, February 13, 2004 ] -
The pride of Jewish music, Chicago: update
As you recall, there were two MB shows this past weekend in Chicago. I attended the second one, the benefit show, which was on Sunday night. There was a show on Saturday night, too. The final attendance tally for the MB show this past Saturday night just came in. Thirty! Kfar, after showing interest in putting on a real show at a real venue for hundreds of people who are interested in seeing a real Jewish rock band perform, was told to shove it because the organization wanted an activity for all the high school kids, NCSY and BA. There should have been 200 kids there. The organization highjacked a great band with a potential to excite hundreds of teenagers and completely blew their opportunity to reach anybody.

Hashem works in mysterious ways. Through the mistakes of the organization, Farbrengiton had its amazingly adequate debut, the Moshe Skier Band played a great set in front of a crowd almost twice as big. And a Kfar representative was able to attend this show which in turn will lead to a bigger booking for the MSB.

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