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- [ Tuesday, February 24, 2004 ] -
I beat The Man!
I got my check for $13.86 yesterday. Someone launched a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all of us that bought any music between 1995 and 2000. I have been intentionally overcharged hundreds of dollars for CDs I have purchased in that time. It's difficult for me to follow all the legalese, but it appears that every single large chain, publisher and distributor (henceforth referred to as "The Man") was involved in price fixing CDs. Remember when CDs first came out and they were supposed to drop in price below that of tapes? They're cheaper to make. It's not unreasonable. The price shot up to over $15 and stayed there. The Man even hiked up the price to almost $20.

So CDs still cost close to $20. And the check they sent me won't even pay for one CD.
Ah, but wait! Doesn't it say in the title that "I beat The Man ?"

I still have my P2P.

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