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- [ Friday, February 06, 2004 ] -
Farbrengiton's First Performance Ever
Farbrengiton is playing on Feb 7, 8:00 pm at the Young Israel of West Rogers Park Monthly Melave Malka (henceforth to be referred to as YIWRPMMM)

I didn't want to use this blog for self-promotion. Primarily, anyway. But I am too excited about this. Besides, I didn't really advertise this blog. Advertising to my wife doesn't count. And this will be a good record for posterity. I will announce other people's gigs that excite me, as well.

This gig is really exciting for me because it was booked a couple months ago, before the band existed. I've been really inspired lately to write and perform Jewish music. I was just getting into Ra'ashan. We had a great performance at the HotHouse, and then the Sephardi Party had to move away to New Yuck. Gam zu letovah, as they say. I started a new band with a slightly different flavor and we're carrying on.

So far, we've practiced almost every night for the past two weeks. And I must say, we are vey impressed with ourselves. We'll see how the performance turns out.

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