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- [ Monday, February 09, 2004 ] -
About Sunday Night...
I'd like to thank the Moshav Band for coming to Chicago and enduring the world of Jewish benefit playing. I hope they come back soon and play a real show here.

First, I'll say the nice things.
The room looked and sounded great. The KINS social hall is normally an ugly room with bad lighting and bad sound. I have never seen the stage dressed up like I did last night. The dessert chocolates were homemade and really fancy. The whole dessert with fancy coffees and drinks really made up for the $36 ticket price at the door.

The Moshav Band played a great set that was much longer than the proprietors might have wanted.

Most people that weren't interested in hearing the band left relatively early in the event.

Here is what pissed me off.
In Chicago, there was no market for good Jewish music. (To find out what good music is, look to the links on the right.) There was no venue for putting on Jewish music for music-appreciation's sake. Now there is. Kfar Jewish Arts Center looks for good Jewish music, brings in bands from out of town, fosters local talent and promotes and produces shows that are accessible to everyone. Initially, the organization that brought in the Moshav Band was working with Kfar to bring in an artist together. To make a long story short and avoid incriminating details, Kfar was booted from the team and the Moshav Band got to perform in front of a dessert buffet competing with the noise of margarita blenders, cappucino machines, popcorn makers and 300 shmoozers clamoring to get in line for their portion.

Fiddle players who book bands should know their place on stage. They shouldn't fuss about solos. They shouldn't try to grab the mic from the singer. If they are "invited" on the stage for one song, they shouldn't assume that they are now part of the band much less the new band leader. They also shouldn't have to be unplugged to know when it's time to stop playing.

After everything, the show turned out better than I thought it would. I'm also glad the Moshav Band ended up being booked for a teenage show on Saturday night, allowing me to have the pleasure of having our first Farbrengiton performance, as well as enjoying a stellar Moshe Skier Band show.

Support your local bands and tip your wait-staff!


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