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- [ Monday, February 09, 2004 ] -
About Saturday Night...
The Farbrengiton show on Saturday night went very well. Of course, we need improvement. This was our first show and it was overwhelmingly agreed that we "pulled it off." We rocked a little bit, too. And different people were impressed with different parts. We also got some excellent constructive criticism. Hopefully there will be a day where everyone will sing the "ay ay yai" part with us. I will try to pick out the good parts and post them on the Farbrengiton site with pictures (Thanks to Photography by Fred P. Eckhouse).

Now, onto Moshe Skier. That band really rocked. I wasn't bitter in the least that I wasn't at the mis-advertised, "Moshv Band [sic]" show in Skokie for teens. I was kinda hoping to get an advertised "free mp3 player."

Moshe Skier came into the shul in time to hear us finish up our version of the Altar Rebbe's "Aveenu Malkeinu." I hope he thought it was cool.

His band was: Moshe on acoustic guitar or bass, Mendel Appel on lead guitar and Dan Lawitts on drums. Moshe and Mendel both did vocals. They were very tight. Mendel was fluid on the lead guitar and made it scream when he needed to. They made the whole show look effortless. I also appreciate Moshe taking my audience suggestions (I only spoke when he asked) to play "Minyan Man" and to play song in the hard rock style instead of acoustic. The highlight for me was when they played a Lubavitch "Tzama." Not the "Hey Johnny" one, but the slow one with the "aydaidais." They did it over a blues jam, the kind of thing which I usually hate. But this time it had the right kind of soul that made it work. Yasher koach, guys. It was beautiful. Thanks for coming down.

Bottom line: Very few people attended the show. Don't miss the Moshe Skier Band next time they come to town. They are a great, live act.

Also: There was a band who set-up in the corner and accompanied the Moshe Skier Band. Maybe they should get louder speakers next time so the people who moved away from them can still hear the Casio-team from their new seats across the room.

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